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Trade for Lego Marvel Universe, DC JLU hasbro SW

jediami65jediami65 Member Posts: 474
I am looking to trade most of my Hasbro Marvel Universe, Mattel JLU and tons of Hasbro Star Wars 3-3/4 inch figures and vehicles for Lego sets. I will be putting them on Ebay but if i can trade for the sets I would be buying anyways it would be nice.

I have well over 1000 Star Wars figures and vehicles.

All sealed kept in dry clean location, most in plastic bins or boxes, smoke free.

PM me and will send pictures of anything.

Example Larger Vehicles:

SW Saga Collection Endor AT-AT 200
2010 AT-AT
Clone Wars AT-TE
Clone Wars Turbo Tank
2006 Imperial Shuttle

Example Figures:
Ralph mcQuarrie concept collection, Boba Fett etc.
2005 RoTS most figures and some vehicles -
Saga Collection
Clone Wars most figures from 2008 on.
Legacy Collection 2008 on
30th Anniversary Collection

Example Vehicles

Sith Infiltrator
Jedi Starfighters
Anakin (2003 series) jedi starfighter

Marvel Universe 3-3/4 inch

wave 2 Vison both variants - Hard to find, regular version sells well over $150, translucent version $50+ .
Hulk all Verions

Marvel Large Figures:
19" Galactus - Electronic
19" Sentinel - Electronic

JLU have so many don't know where to start.

Looking for:


Will also trade for some newer sets.


  • jediami65jediami65 Member Posts: 474
    edited February 2014
    Please note that I am only listing a sample of what I have, Marvel Universe and JLU I have over 100 figures, over 50 vehicles etc. Also have Transformers, some 1st movie and Animated Series, Megatron, Optimus Prime BB and so on.
    I am in NJ would welcome a local trade but will trade globally too.
  • jediami65jediami65 Member Posts: 474
    Looking for Lego movie Cowboy Emmet and DJ as well as LoTR Polys too.
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