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Hi guys. My little brother makes Youtube videos and just reviewed a bunch of the new Chima sets. It would mean a lot to him if you liked or commented on his videos. Sorry about the stupid ads but we use that little bit of extra Youtube money to afford new sets. Your support makes his day!

Here is the link to the big set (Lavertus Outland Base):


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    At 1:11 the accent makes "turret" sound rather rude.

    It's always good when kids decent to do something creative, but if you are going to use the "2 minute review" as the unique selling point, you should try to make sure they are two minutes long. A few a significantly less, a number are just about spot on, but some are over three minutes and one five minutes.

    You could even play up the "two minute" part more, by having a two minute timer in the shot and make sure he ends at two minutes exactly, much like some news bulletins (especially entertainment) have 60 second news items.

    They aren't really for me, but then AFOLs are probably not the target audience.
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