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8457 Power Puller motor- changing batteries?

Hey there, we've got the battery box for set 8457 (from a coworker sale lot). I've opened the box before to insert/replace batteries, but now for the life of me I cant figure it out. I d'l-ed a PDF of the manual but dont see what I need.

Any help will make my 6 yr old very happy!


  • gelkstergelkster Member Posts: 927
    It seems the yellow 4x13 base is attached internally, theres what looks like a red c-shaped tab(?) on top. I dont want to wreck this & Im embarrassed I dont recall how to do it...:(
  • graphitegraphite Member Posts: 3,275
    From the image of it on Bricklink it looks like the red C shape is a standard snap lock type of clip. If you put it in front of you with the red "C" so that it looks like a red "n" instead, the thin black part (that is resting on the inside of the now horizontal part of the 'n') should just pull towards you either using a small flat head screwdriver or a fingernail etc. If it does then when holding it in the now pulled away from the red 'n' position you should be able to pull the yellow part out.

    If that doesn't move then that isn't what that is and I'm not sure without looking at it more.
  • gelkstergelkster Member Posts: 927
    I dont see a thin black part within the red "c" / "n". Also, I seem to recall having to pinch the sides of the black box at its midpoints....but that doesnt allow for an easy time with the red clip up top.
  • gelkstergelkster Member Posts: 927
    Weellll- kinda forced it open, & a small black tab was inside, looked twisted & chewed somehow, maybe from the flathead tip. No batteries will work, though I seem to recall rechargables didnt work in it anyway
  • gelkstergelkster Member Posts: 927
    Weel, either it's busted or all our AA baats are too weak. Ive got some recharging, I'll have to try those. Thanks for the help graphite!
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