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FT/FS Various sets, Star Wars, Minifigs, Chima, City, etc.

TncatsfanTncatsfan Member Posts: 92
Just decided to tidy up and clean out some stuff. I know some of the items below are weird to sell/trade without figs, but i'm throwing it against the internet wall anyway.

All of the sets below are opened, placed in zip lock bag with all pieces. If it doesn't say "no fig", then the figs are included.


#7957 Star Wars: Sith Nightspeeder, no figs
#9488 Star Wars Elite Clone Trooper battlepack, no figs, just gun
#75001 Star Wars: Republic vs Sith, no figs, just ship
#7956 Star Wars: Ewok Attack, no figs

#4200 City: Mining 4x4, no fig (side clips broke, but my fix is included, worked better than original)
#3178 City: Seaplane, no fig
#4437 City: Police Pursuit, no figs
#3365 City: Space Moon Buggy

#76002 DC Superheroes: Metropolis Showdown, no figs

#4181 Pirates of the Caribbean: Isla de la Muerta, no figs

#7051 Alien Conquest: Tripod Invader

#8193 Racers: Blue Bullet
#8192 Racers: Lime Racer
#8197 Racers: Highway Chaos

#40053 Creator: Easter Bunny w/ basket
#40082 Creator: Christmas Tree Stand (in box)

#70000 Legends of Chima: Razcal's Glider
#30251 Legends of Chima: Winzar's Pack Patrol

#8246 Technic: Hydro Racer

Loose figures

Avengers Alien Foot Soldier (no weapons)
Avengers Alien General x 2 (no weapons)
Arctic Batman (no weapons)
Harry Potter, black long coat, vest, tie (no wand)
Harry Potter, Gryffindor Shield, black legs (no wand)
Elrond (polybag exclusive, but opened) (staff included)
Trendsetter (Series 10) (accessories included)
Roman Commander (Series 10) (accessories included)
Viking (Series 4) (accessories included)


Lego Movie Polybags 30280, 30281, 30282
Lego Movie Super Cycle Chase
Lego Movie Metalbeard's Duel

Marvel Superheroes

Iron Man - circle on chest

Lego Movie

Wyldstyle (not the CMF one)
Radio DJ Robot
Pyjamas Emmett
Western Emmett

Toy Story

Jessie (no dirt stains)

Collectible Mini Figures

Series 1
Tribal Hunter
Demolition Dummy

Series 2
Disco Dude

Series 3
Sumo Wrestler
Baseball Player

Series 4
Punk Rocker
Hazmat Guy
Crazy Scientist

Series 5
Evil Dwarf

Series 6

Series 7
Bunny Suit Guy

Series 8

Series 10


  • TncatsfanTncatsfan Member Posts: 92
    Forgot to in the US, would prefer to do transactions within US
  • TncatsfanTncatsfan Member Posts: 92
    still available! I'm willing to combine a bunch for bulk parts if anyone needs them!
  • TncatsfanTncatsfan Member Posts: 92
    Still out there, need to move it, make me an offer
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