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Wanted: Lego Movie poly bags. (CAN)

JdawgJdawg Member Posts: 83
I am looking for 1 of each of the movie polys, except for Western Emmet. I got that one today. I would like to focus on the last three in bold text first, but in the end I would like them all.

let me know what you have available.

30280: The Piece of Resistance
30281: Micro Manager Battle
30282: Super Secret Police Enforcer
5002041: Accessory pack
5002045: Pyjamas Emmet
5002203 : Radio DJ robot


  • Russell844Russell844 Member Posts: 2,392
    What do you have for trade?
  • JdawgJdawg Member Posts: 83
    Let me look. I know I have some polys.
  • JdawgJdawg Member Posts: 83
    Here is what I found.

    30224 city lawnmower
    30108 friends picnic
    30222 city police heli
    40077 Geoffrey Toys r us
  • JdawgJdawg Member Posts: 83
    Anyone have extras they would like to sell or trade?
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