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dodiano: Building a new City with my Kids!

dodianododiano Member Posts: 72
edited August 2011 in Introduce yourself

My name is Roberto I am new in these forums although I am new here have been playing LEGO's since I was 5... Well big story made short have started since last year with the CITY project... Although my kids are 10 and 6 they have developed a taste for the VINTAGE sets ( which I still think are cooler)...

We have Airport, Police Station, Gas Station and Fire Station basically all under 1996 and bought them all Brand new some had them with me others on E-bay! And I've got a ton of new stuff we have bought the Grand Emporium for our Town Centre where we plan also a Hotel and restaurants and other cool stuff!!

One of our biggest project is our Airport, we basicaly plan lots of Planes and the 6597 as our main terminal with bigger Runway! Also we have planned a separate Runway adjacent where we are making our Own Airforce using Old BLACKTRON minifigs as our Airforce Pilots we have 8 already and we've bought a bunch of TOY STORY Green Soldiers for our troops and we will custom make our own F-16 and Bombers for our Airforce...

Now the thing is I don't know how to start I do have limited space in the room and I am starting with that but I would like to set a Layout and need starting Ideas... Have seen stuff on Brickhelf but I don't know if you guy have some specific websites ? The area I have for my city is 1.20 mts x 1.80 mts!

Any help will be apreciated and thanks!



  • WillhornerWillhorner Member Posts: 36
    We did ours modularly. I went to home depot and had them cut me half inch plywood sheets that were the size of the largest grey plates lego makes, then we went an bough a ton of those plates, attached them to the wood and then build city modules a lot like the modular buildings lego makes. we have roads exiting the modules at specific places so they can be mixed and matched in many ways. When we want to set up a city we pick which ones we want and set them down. when we are done they store on shelves nicely.....a lot of shelves :)
  • dodianododiano Member Posts: 72
    That is a great idea I actually have a huge amount of Road Plates and had that kind of plan although the Plywood Idea is Great my friend I was thinking in modular tables cause I wanted the City rised so it is easier for my kids to play with and clean!!

    Thanks for the great idea!
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
    ^ I've reclassified this as an "introduce yourself" discussion. Welcome to the forums!

    There's an abundance of ways to tackle the design of what you intend, but since you mentioned road plates and I just recently read this discussion, I figured I would point you to it:
  • dodianododiano Member Posts: 72
    Thanks for that!! And thanks for the warm welcome to the forums!
  • ConstructionQConstructionQ Member Posts: 2
    I'm designing a 19" tall table for my son which consist of 2 4'X8' sheets of plywood that are cut down to 3'x8'. This is so the tabel can fold in half and be used as a small 8' long desk. One 8' edge will be recessed 2" painted blue and made to resemble a dock for the Maersk ship as well as the other ships we have. We have 3 trains includeing the Maersk train so we plan to have quite a City/Train layout. I'm going to make the table so another one (similar) can attach later creating a 6'X16' surface. I plan to glue a lot of road and green and gray plate to it. Here is a list of the Lego's he has. He is only 3 so you can see that most of these sets will be opened and played with later. Just starting a collection for him. He has a few Duplo sets now. Checkout this website
  • dodianododiano Member Posts: 72
    Thanks for the website... We are not that much into trains ... YET LOL! But I do want to have a Monorail in my city!! We have 8404 PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION which I am planning to mod the train thingie into this (pic below) I love this mod and plan to use my Futuron Parts to do it adding like an Extra car for the Battery pack somehow! We are making a Layout I think tomorrow will try to send some pics!

  • dodianododiano Member Posts: 72
    By the Way the BlueBrick software is amazing even can use a Table of your choice I love it!! Thanks
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