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FT/FS: (old)Batcave #7783, 99% complete incl. Instructions

DiggydoesDiggydoes Member Posts: 1,079
i have a Batcave#7783 up for Trade/sell! The Set is almost complete, here are the pieces that are missing:
- Batarang #98721 x2
- Batwing #bb203 x1
- 1 of the Utensils from the "6 tools on Sprue" the other 5 are present
- Modified Plate #2444 (Black) x1
- Jewel #30153 (Tr.Dk.Blue) x1
- Minifig Torso Blue #973c06 (from Freeze´s Henchman) x1

So only rather "minor"parts are missing! The Stickers have been applied, two are missing, one "U98"and the "Fingerprints File Joker Pattern", all others are on their Bricks!
The Figures are in great condition and are all complete (except the Henchman), no cracking on the Torsos/Heads or scratching. The Pieces are a bit dusty and may need a wash but are otherwise in good condition (Display Model). All pieces have been sorted into Ziploc-bags.
The Instructions show heavy wear, but the pages are not loose or some! There´s no original Box.

I would prefer to trade but i´m also open to sell, just pm me your offer!
I´m located in Germany but will ship worldwide since shipping over here is rather cheap! If you´re looking for more pics just let me know!

I´m looking for the following:

LOTR Wormtongue
LOTR Soldiers/King of the Dead (fr. Pirate Ship Ambush)
Bane (old)
Watto (old)
Bilbo (Blue coat from DVD/Blu-Ray)
Clark Kent (from DVD/Blu-Ray)
UCS AT-ST (would prefer sealed, or at least in "like new" condition)
Scarecrow (from the latest"Arkham Asylum")
Super Heroes Comic Book, Variant Covers especially #12 (Captain America)
SDCC Bizarro

i´m also looking for anything "Dwarf-related", means Figures, Beards, Shields (please only in good/new condition) to build up my Dwarf-army!
If you have any Lotr/Hobbit Orcs/Rohans/Elfs/Trolls/Goblins i might also be interested in it!

I´ve done several successful trades over here and can also provide flawless feedback from ebay/Bricklink!


  • DiggydoesDiggydoes Member Posts: 1,079
    *bump* still available! Don't need Grima anymore but open for other offers!
  • DiggydoesDiggydoes Member Posts: 1,079
    *another bump* still looking for any Lotr/Hobbit related Figures (mainly Army-builders)!
    Will sell for 179€!
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