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LEGO Invasion - live-action Lego short film

andrewmfilmsandrewmfilms Member Posts: 1
edited January 2014 in Photography/Video
Thought you guys might enjoy this!



  • LegoFanTexasLegoFanTexas TexasMember Posts: 8,409
    Meh... someone sure put a lot of work into that... but I wasn't jumping up and down about it...

    Better than I could do, but it just clearly shows that it isn't as easy as you think to put together professional short films. :)
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 17,806
    edited January 2014
    I don't really see the point of it either. Why did he steal a briefcase of lego bricks? Why is he killing superheroes and getting away with it? Why does Batman just stand there for a few seconds giving him enough time to turn a brick into a grenade, throw it and have it detonate?

    Mix of live and computer animation is nice, the story is non-existent.
  • GIR3691GIR3691 Member Posts: 658
    It looks like it's just an effects test. They had an idea and were fooling around with different ideas rather than making a coherent short with a story or any real point.
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