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Small Building Instructions?

Hi: The more I get into Legos, the more I realize how lacking I am in imagination...I want to build several small "rail side" buildings for use with my Lego railroad...You know, the type you see by the tracks with small antennas, etc...They are usually "hot box" monitors, radio repeaters, signal controllers and so on...Can anyone refer me to some simple plans/instructions that would help my feeble imagination get started with these? I would have to order the parts, also; so details would be appreciated...Thanks for all of the assistance I have received on this forum and especially for your patience...



  • rancorbaitrancorbait Member Posts: 1,842
    LTCSZ said:


    Hmmm, yes. Much patience.

    I'm kidding ;o)

    I would imagine you might not have much luck finding any instructions of that sort. All I can really recommend is to search Google for images of these types of models and possibly use them as reference images for building.

    Hope that helps.
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