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Proper Mount for This Part?

LTCSZLTCSZ USAMember Posts: 81
What would be the proper staff/pole or other mounting for this part and similar ones: LEGO Road sign Clip-on 2 x 2 Round (30261)

Thanks, Steve


  • scarecrow2400scarecrow2400 USAMember Posts: 99
    It should clip to any existing bar piece, such as light saber blades, HP wands, or even small rollbars for vehicles. Some LOTR sets have longer bars used as wizard's staffs that have a stop near the end designed to fit inside a stud that work well to give these signs the proper height for a city layout, such as stop signs.
  • KiwiLegoMeisterKiwiLegoMeister New ZealandMember Posts: 212
    See set #6427-1. The sign posts have a fixed 2x2 base.
    Note there were older sets with 1x2 base; but the signs were one-piece moulded.
  • LTCSZLTCSZ USAMember Posts: 81
    Thanks for the suggestions...Steve
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