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For Trade: Minifigures/Polybags/Keychains for Polybags

nukester84nukester84 Member Posts: 195
edited January 2014 in Marketplace
I have the following to trade:-

Series 5 - Royal Guard
Series 6 - Mechanix x2, Surgeon, Skater Girl, Highland Battler.
Series 7 - Galaxy Patrol, Swimming Champion.
Series 8 - Pirate Captain x2, Evil Robot x3, Football Player.
Series 9 - Complete Set - £25
Alien Avenger, Mermaid, Chicken Suit Guy x2, Cyclops x3, Roman Emperor.
Series 10 - Complete Set - £25
Warrior Woman x2, Sad Clown x2, Motorcycle Mechanic x3, Skydiver x2, Revolutionary Soldier, Medusa.
Team GB - Judo Fighter

sh010: Poison Ivy
sh018: Thor
sh023: Guard
sh030: Alien Foot Soldier x2
sh033: Loki x2
sh034: Hawkeye
sh074: The Mandarin

#850838 Splinter key chain
#851838 SpongeBob Key Chain

#30024 Truck (Opened)
#30161 Batmobile
#30165 Hawkeye with equipment
#30210 Frodo with cooking corner
#30211 Uruk-Hai with ballista
#30213 Gandalf at Dol Guldur

make me offers as i need lots of Polybags but i don't need free 1's from the paper's


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.