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Offering Assistance in Buying/Shipping Master Builder Academy Sets

margotmargot Member Posts: 2,308
edited January 2014 in Marketplace
I don't think I realized that Master Builder Academy was only sold in North America until recently. I saw a lot of posts about it on the Home Page questions for the Lego CEE. If anyone wants any of these sets I'm willing to buy and then ship them over, just let me know.


  • legogallegogal Member Posts: 754
    Thanks for letting us know this! We often forgot how lucky we are to live in the largest national market for LEGO with reasonable prices.
    I have been eyeing these lately and have purchased only the green airplane one. Has anyone built all of them and have special favorites to recommend? There are a number of smaller ones still available on eBay, too.
    It seems that intl shipping prices have gone stratospheric in many cases so if someone is heading over from the States with an empty suitcase, this could be a way to pay just local shipping charges at one end or the other.
  • ColoradoBricksColoradoBricks Member Posts: 1,659
    I built all of them, my favorites are #20215 level 4 followed closely by #20214 level 3. Before level 4, I got all mine on subscription which was a great idea.
    I have not much interest for #20202 and #20205 even though , I am fan of car in LEGO.
    That said I don't regret buying any of them, each level has its own color scheme, they display nicely. Books are great and it can be fun to (I am guessing) 7 to 12 years old into learning techniques (but even an experienced builder will pick up a few things)
  • charlatan13charlatan13 Member Posts: 118
    My son has all of them. He got the last one (Invention Designer I think) for Xmas and we haven't opened that one yet. I thought they were all enjoyable in their own way (for example - I probably like the Microbuilding one the least but I appreciate being introduced to the techniques and ideas). For us, the accompanying books are the best part for the techniques and building strategies. I'm having my daughter restart the series on her own since I think she will not only enjoy the models (each set has three models/designs along with other possibilities) but she also learns more about building in the process.
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