[US] Buy 2 Get 1 Free LEGO at Fred Meyer

EKSamEKSam Member Posts: 349
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Fred Meyer has buy 2 get 1 free on Lego going on right now. There's also a coupon for 10% off in the weekly ad flyer.


  • FenrisAkashiFenrisAkashi Member Posts: 242
    Thanks for the heads up @EKSam, how long is this running for?
    I'm currently out of the country and curious if I'll make it back in time...Need more new hobbit sets or some Lego movie sets!
  • doriansdaddoriansdad CTCMember Posts: 1,337
    This sale runs through 1/18. My local store had been cleaned out of the Disney Princess line but they were happy to give me a raincheck good for the next 60 days. Brings the price of the Romantic Castle 41005 down to $42 each which is a great deal IMO.
  • EKSamEKSam Member Posts: 349
    @FenrishAkashi typed a response to you quite a few times but kept on getting error message. Yes, the sale runs thru Jan 18th, Sat( end of the day). My local store had plenty of Lego movie sets. Found new Friends and Disney Princess sets too. GL. :-)
  • FenrisAkashiFenrisAkashi Member Posts: 242
    Thanks for the heads up guys! Sadly I wont be back until after the weekend. Will just have to be watching for the next one.
  • klatu003klatu003 Hobbiton, Shire, Middle EarthMember Posts: 719
    Enjoy the discounts for me all you Great Wet Northers.
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