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Mini Collection Purge - FS: Old and New Star Wars. Bionicle. Misc.

epyon396epyon396 Member Posts: 268
edited January 2014 in Marketplace
Located in the US, but I'll ship anywhere. Not really looking to trade for anything at the moment except for maybe a Death Star.
Everything has the box (or tube for Bionicle) and instructions, and is 100% complete. The boxes may not be in the best shape for some of the older sets, but it's a case-by-case basis.

8531-8536: Toa (6)
8540-8545: Turaga (6)
1388, 89, and 91: McDonald's Promotionals
8537: Nui-Rama
8538: Muaka & Kane-ra
8549: Tarakava
8548: Nui-Jaga
8550-8555: Bohrok Va (6)
8556: Boxor Vehicle
8557: Exo-Toa
8558: Cahdok and Gahdok
8560-8565: Bohrok (6)
8566-8572: Toa Nuva (6)
8573-8578: Bohrok-Kal (6)
8587-8592: Rahkshi (6)
8593: Makuta
8594: Jaller and Gukko
8595: Takua and Pewku
8596: Takanuva
8601-8606: Toa Metru (6)

Star Wars
7961: Sith Infiltrator
9499: Gungan Sub
9492: TIE Fighter
7146: TIE Fighter
4477: T-16 Skyhopper
4478: Geonosian Fighter
7259: ARC-170
7133: Bounty Hunter Pursuit

5770: Lighthouse Island
7937: Train Station


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