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Revisiting 10305: Lion Knights' Castle

I had my sister's family over including my 8-yo niece who is into Lego. We went downstairs where I have my castle built. I showed her how it comes apart and explained some medieval/fantasy things she didn't know about. All was well and my sister's family left. I proceeded to collect parts and put the castle together.

I noticed some thing. On the back of the instruction book, the white-haired peasant lady looks to be holding a bell. In the instructions to put her together, she's holding a wine goblet. Is this a mistake or is there a "bell" somewhere in the castle?

Next, as I was searching through the instruction booklets, I read this on page 176: "What's this odd letter here on the table, and with Lord Basil's seal on it!". I did some digging around to find out who this Lord Basil is. His name comes from a Lego magazine about the story of Fright Night's story. It mentions that Lord Basil was turned into Bat Lord Basil by Willa the Witch. Lego set 6097 - Night Lord's Castle is the main set for that theme.

I found that interesting! Was this wax-sealed letter from Lord Basil before or after he became the Bat Lord? Also, the queen in 10305 - Lion Knight's Castle appears to be named "Lady of the Brave Lion Knights". Where is that mentioned?

Lastly, after reading so many of the "comments" sprinkled throughout the instructions, I slowly realized that it's a narration. Narrated by who? Later on it is revealed that it is the Wizard!


  • asherkobinasherkobin Member Posts: 202

    Bat Lord Basil
  • andheandhe Member Posts: 4,002
    Yes the entire narration in the instructions is full of references to previous castle themes. Lord Basil (Fright Knights), Willa (who the wizard calls his cousin), the Black Knight being driven mad by a gem (which is apparently from a lego comic), the bell to warn of the Wolfpack (though I always forget the bell is there, it's so hidden), the shields in the dining room from the original yellow castle, and obviously the forestmen with the hideout. And there are probably others I've forgotten. 

    It had castle fans doing somersaults trying to predict what we might see come to reality (personally I just think they had fun writing the instructions). There are rumours of a Majisto/Wizard Gift With Purchase, but haven't heard any details recently. 
  • asherkobinasherkobin Member Posts: 202
    Where is the bell "supposed" to be stored?
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