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Just a brief introduction

TyperTyper Member Posts: 1
Hi there, it's Typer, I am just your average Lego fan.

I started Lego back when I was 4 and haven't stopped since, yet I seem to not be getting any better at it. I enjoy various different themes of Lego, preferably Star Wars and Harry Potter but I am still drawn to the vast nostalgia of the Lego City theme.

I am looking forward to entering a new and more advanced way of monitoring and organising my Lego collection here on the forumn.


  • Op_SatOp_Sat Member Posts: 3
    edited August 17
    Hello, I´m Operacion Saturno and as my Lego Ideas project states.

    Since 1979 a fan of Lego space.

    My first Lego set was a 1977 forklift.

    My first Classic Space Lego set was the Alpha 1 Rocket base.

    Let´s build!

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