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Good and Bad Years for LEGO, looking back 5+ years



  • DadDad Member Posts: 816
    It's not quite the same though, is it?? I resell and there are sets I have bought for only that purpose, no intention of building them. But #4954 I did buy because I fancied building it, in my own mind I can justify opening it because that's the reason I bought it. Will crack open an Imperial Flagship one day as well!!
  • HardradaHardrada Member Posts: 439
    There are extremely few sets where I'd choose the new / sealed one instead of a good condition used one for less than half the money. (Especially if the used one also has a box.) I'd rather have a 2-3x larger collection than keeping the privilege of opening the boxes to myself.

    If there's only a smaller difference in the going rates for new vs. used then of course I wouldn't bother selling the sealed one and buying a used either. For example the Imperial Flagship is not much cheaper used than new so I'll just open my sealed copy one day, too. But if I had a sealed #4954 I'd sell it in a heartbeat for 250 EUR and re-buy it used for around 100 EUR.
  • LegofanscottLegofanscott Member Posts: 622
    edited January 2014
    Well, having been to the first Lego store in my lifetime (Newcastle) I must say I was severely disappointed with the Sydney Opera House, such a bland, boring and uninteresting set and really cheap looking also one of a few sets that looked better in photos, always thought this set would look pretty epic in real life :(

    First time I'd seen Horizon a Express up close and was hugely impressed with the size and detail on that one

    maersk ship was also really nice and was as big as I imagined it to be

    PR was a lot smaller than I thought it would be, still nice though

    I guess 2014 sets got off to quite a good start :)
  • YellowcastleYellowcastle Administrator, Moderator Posts: 5,234
    Aren't all modulars (except TH) roughly the same size?
  • LegofanscottLegofanscott Member Posts: 622

    Aren't all modulars (except TH) roughly the same size?

    I dunno, but it definitely seems a touch smaller than All the others,
  • FollowsCloselyFollowsClosely Member Posts: 1,332
    Piece wise, they are close. Footprint, they are even closer. But volume is a whole different story. The PR is as short as the shortest and thinner than any other. The best one by far though!
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