Looking for LOTR/HOBBIT POLYBAGS (Bigger Ammount) - Lake Town Guard/Mirkwood Elf...

cidavcidav Member Posts: 10

I am looking for a bigger ammount of all released LOTR/Hobbit polybags, now in preference for 30216 - Lake Town Guard, but I am also interested in older ones (Elrond, Mirkwood Elf...)

Please, write me offers with your price/each, how much can you get and how much is the shipping for the Czech Republic.

In case of your interest, we can make an exchange for my exclusive LEGO employee sets: :)

(I am offering 4000006 Kladno Campus, 2011 Duck, 4000007 Ole Kirk´s House, 4000013 A Christmas Tale and special Kladno employee minifigure)

Thank you for messages and have a nice day!


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