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looking for better copy of 7783 Batman Mr freezes invasion instructions than from lego cache

AlczervikAlczervik Member Posts: 93
edited August 2011 in Building and Techniques
I just bought the Batman Mr Freeze Invasion 7783(right before dc announcement doh!)and i was looking for a high res copy. Lego's cache copy that is around is not good at displaying black bricks, and it seems like its gonan be a pita to put together. Is there anyone who knows where to get a good scan of this?
i was looking at the other thread about instuctions where peeron was mentioned but alas i did not see batman instructions in the database.

thank you


  • AlczervikAlczervik Member Posts: 93
    i was looking not to spend more money, although those prices were lower than i was anticipating. Maybe i will buy it if i cant find a good copy pdf.

    I was looking for an alternative pdf to cache copy if there is one available

    thank you for the reply
  • achillespdxachillespdx Member Posts: 106
    ^so you bought the set without instructions? I hope you got a good deal. I'll never understand why Lego can't outline their black bricks with white or light gray outlines... Some of my recent manuals have the black bricks looking lighter than the dark brown bricks - WTF?
  • gtg905sgtg905s Member Posts: 29
    edited August 2011
    @Alczervik My copy of the instructions also are not great with black print. I don't think scanning it in will be able to help. I think it will cause more problems then help anything due to the thin paper weight and already hard to distinguish black colors.

    Best recommendation is to buy a copy imo. Plus it completes the set too! :-)

    @achillespdx - Cheap printing is to blame. Thin paper and weak ink :-(
    Look at how nice paper between just the CMF paper is and some manuals.
    Also the SW UCS instruction manuals' paper weight and you can see the much better colors.

    I definitely agree with you on the border idea. It would help if there was a faint outline to the bricks. Just a little one.
  • AlczervikAlczervik Member Posts: 93
    thanks i didnt know weather it was lego old style instruction or bad scan, looks like i will buy it.

    @achillespdx yes i got a pretty good deal( although now that it is coming out next year again(the batcave) probably not :) ) yeah i was looking through their scan of emerald night and it is readable, unlike batman it looks as the black parts will be alot of guesswork if i use it.

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