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1976 Argos Catalogue (Featuring 1976 Lego)

While I'm really loathe to link to this foul organ, the Daily Mail has an article made up of scans from a 1976 Argos Catalogue. If you scroll down, there is a scan of the Lego page, which is why I thought I'd post it here..

I realise photos of the sets are on here in better quality, but for those of us who spent our childhoods fantasising over items in the catalogue, I'm sure you'll enjoy a touch of nostalgia (and the prices!).


  • pirropirro Member Posts: 36
    My yellow Tonka truck is on the front cover! I had the Lego family set pictured. Grandmas hair was my favourite piece, and I used to swap and extend peoples arms, as they were modular back then!
  • khmellymelkhmellymel Member Posts: 1,313
    I like how "Three decades ago, the toys pages were void of beaming children and shiny colours to inspire their young shoppers. The pictures and toys are simple", (Lego) is compared to "Now, children want their own miniature versions of real-life cars like Mini Coopers that they can drive around with a remote control" (remote controlled toys), instead of comparing it to the pages and pages of Lego in the catalogue today. :D
  • PeteMPeteM Member Posts: 445
    edited December 2013
    That's the Daily Mail for you - never let the facts get in the way of a good moan!
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