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Shipping Minifigures

slovakiastephslovakiasteph Member Posts: 62
Does anyone know how much it costs to send one minifigure in a small padded envelope within the US? I'd love to be able to send them without going to the PO each time, and I'm assuming it's just a few ounces.

Also, I ordered some bricks from PAB and was surprised to see they came from Poland! I was assuming they'd come from the U.S. Not really a question, I guess. :)


  • akunthitaakunthita Member Posts: 1,038
    edited August 2011
    Shipping one minifig in a small (size #000) bubble envelope is less than an ounce. It would cost you $1.71 to ship at the post office. If you like, you can add delivery confirmation for 80 cents (this will provide basic tracking for your package).

    If you would print your shipping-label online (thru Paypal or Click'N'Ship) it would cost $1.75 with tracking included (with online services tracking is mandatory). Online prices are cheaper. Here is the breakdown: $1.56 postage + $0.19 delivery confirmation = $1.75 total.

    Hope this helps! (c;
  • jwsmartjwsmart Member Posts: 298
    All my PAB orders come from Poland to the US - Last time I had a PAB order that was missing some parts, I contacted customer service. They told me that all PAB orders are hand-picked as well. They also sent me the missing pieces without any hassle whatsoever.
  • slovakiastephslovakiasteph Member Posts: 62
    Thanks, @akunthita! Very useful information! I appreciate your thoroughness.

    @jwsmart... those poor Poles, hand-picking our bricks. :( I can sympathize as I'm 1/8 Polish. :)
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