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Lego currency

dneuldneul Member Posts: 369
edited December 2013 in Everything else LEGO
What is the offical name for lego currancy?


  • BooTheMightyHamsterBooTheMightyHamster Member Posts: 1,528
    They're kind of currants-y.

  • Cam_n_StuCam_n_Stu Member Posts: 368
    Not sure, I always put it on the plastic!
  • legogallegogal Member Posts: 754
    Hahaha! You must mean "currency?" We call them gold coins in our family. The green printed tiles are called 100 dollar bills here. The nice thing is that you can call them whatever you want.

    BrickLink lists coins as "minifig, utensil coin type" … with the mark on it following such as 10, 20, 30, 40 and part number 70501a for the 10 mark coins.

    The green printed tiles are called "tile with 100 Dollar Bill Money Pattern" and number 3069bpx7.

    Hope this helps!
  • FrictionPinFrictionPin Member Posts: 144
    Do you mean Legoland Dollars? Or Lego pieces that look like money?
  • dneuldneul Member Posts: 369
    I mean the printed tiles and gold coins. I remember hearing once that the actually had a name but now have completely blanked.
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    For us, crowns.
  • AanchirAanchir Member Posts: 3,014
    I think you're supposed to be able to interpret them however you like, whether that be as your local currency or as a currency that's more appropriate for the theme in question. There are just a few exceptions. Naturally, the coins and bills in Western/Wild West sets, which have an explicitly American setting, are probably supposed to represent cents and dollars, though the coins don't really resemble American coinage from that era at all.
  • FrictionPinFrictionPin Member Posts: 144
    Because I am hip and cool like that, I just call it "the bling". Yeah, that is how the kids are saying it now I believe.
  • AFFOL_Shellz_BellzAFFOL_Shellz_Bellz Member Posts: 1,263
    Play money works.
  • khmellymelkhmellymel Member Posts: 1,313

    Because I am hip and cool like that, I just call it "the bling". Yeah, that is how the kids are saying it now I believe.

    Dolla dolla bills yo!

  • FrictionPinFrictionPin Member Posts: 144
    I think we should call all Lego currency "cheddar" from this point on because it just sounds "cool". And I just thought of another one, "loot", come on that has to be what it was referred to at some point. Both of which are actual slang for money (true fact) but then again so is "yard" for a hundred dollars so what do I know.
  • iamterryiamterry Member Posts: 166
    Given the amount of robbers in Lego city, might as well call the money "loot" given how often the banks / vans get robbed :)
  • mressinmressin Member Posts: 843
    Obviously the Lego currency name must be "stud", because I think I heard my minifigures say "Studs make the bricks go click" (meaning, "Money makes the world go round").
  • legomattlegomatt Member Posts: 2,543
    Oddly enough, now I think about it, when i was younger the coins and treasures (jewels, cups, etc)) always stayed put in treasure chests to be desired and hoarded. Sides would battle to secure the chests of treasure, wherever they were found, and once secured... keep it all inside the chest just the same but in their hiding place.

    To this day i have no idea what they used as currency, or how that lego economy survived, as the treasure effectively went nowhere, except to be fought over, like a trophy.

  • mressinmressin Member Posts: 843
    ^ Just like real gold.
  • TheLoneTensorTheLoneTensor Member Posts: 3,937
    I wonder if there still exists Lego Universe coins. You know, like Confederate dollars.
  • cody6268cody6268 Member Posts: 298
    I just call the parts hundred dollar bills.
  • beegeedeebeegeedee Member Posts: 380
    studs perhaps? A 100 stud bill and the coins are 10-40 if I remember correctly...
  • jockosjunglejockosjungle Member Posts: 701
    Pieces of eight here, i think it comes from the first coins I saw were with Pirate Lego in the 80's
  • jhuntin1jhuntin1 Member Posts: 53
    I call them studs, and I blame the LEGO video games for that. :)
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