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Nice to meet you all

Hello everyone , i am lily, I am American.

Everyone has his unique childhood, which is distinct from all others. No matter happy or misery, it is memorable for something deeply impressed. My childhood was just full of the memories about stationaries.

It might be influenced by my elder sister, who was extremely keen on those stationaries of all kinds, and had large amounts of pencils, erasers, rulers, notes, etc.. She would show me her new stationaries to me as soon as she got home. Thus I began to collect stationaries gradually.

I spent nearly all my pocket money on stationaries, especially kids stationery box shop I loved stationaries, especially those pencil boxes, though it might be more expensive than others. I couldn’t understand the feeling when I saw my sister brought her new collection home, while I am her kind and has been experiencing this kind of feeling joyful. Each time I see those boxes, I’m so satisfied just like those who have got what they have long longing for.

I am an adult now, and can afford to buy all boxes I like, but it can never make me that happy and excited. It might be the cost of growing up. Anyhow, I feel lucky to have had such kind of happiness.


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.