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Your experiences in a LEGO Store?

Have you ever had an interesting experience in a LEGO store? Like making friends with an employee, getting a job there, finding an insane discount, etc?

My friend worked as the manager of the Cardiff store up until earlier on this year, then worked as the manager of Shepherd's Bush up until early last month when he left LEGO. It was a bit sad when he left, but what was more important was that we were still friends. He also went around the other UK stores helping out. He is now trying to become a writer, and we're staying friends, so I guess it worked out well in the end.

I was also an 'honorary member' in Shepherd's Bush up until my friend left, but sadly, I never got to have an actual visit to the store before he left, however I did make purchases there over the phone.

So does anyone else have any interesting experiences from a LEGO store?


  • dneuldneul Member Posts: 369
    I made friends with the store manager at my "local" store. Local being 100 miles away. I make it to the store about 5 times a month. I have also become friends with several brick specialists as well. I do make it a point though to not ask for any brick favors or benefits.
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