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Wanted: 30216 Laketown Guard (UK, but worldwide)

CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
Has anyone got 3-4 of these for trade? I'm in the UK, but willing to trade worldwide. Trade list attached below. Or I can pay for them, although I prefer to trade.


Stig keychains

sh012 Lex Luther
sh003 Superman (classic version)
sh004 Wonder Woman
sh056 Nick Fury
sh067 Aldrich Killian
Batmobile poly
Hawkeye poly
All 8 microfigures from 50003

LOTR / Hobbit:
lor074 Saruman – Long robes version from Orthanc
lor001 Gandalf
lor002 Frodo
lor006-008 various Uruk-Hai
lor013 Gimli
lor015 Legolas
lor017 Aragorn
lor025 Lurtz
lor034 Tauriel (or torso and legs if you just want those)
lor035 Legolas Greenleaf (or torso and legs if you just want those)
lor061 Gandalf (no cape version of lor001)
lor073 Gandalf with grey hair

I have a King Theoden microfigure (from 50011), ideal for a statue in LOTR MOCs.
I also have a few brickforge sorcerer's staffs in black which look good with Saruman

sw367 Rebel commando
sw368 Rebel commando
sw365 C-3PO
sw217 R2-D2
sw379 Barriss Offee
sw380 Gree
sw381 Geonosian Warrior
sw382 Geonosian Zombie
sw398 Lando
sw395 Luke – skiff outfit
sw300 Battle Droid pilot
sw001c Battle Droid
sw302 Gungan
sw301 Jar Jar
sw222 Assassin Droid
sw317 Anakin
sw318 Asajj Ventress
sw316 Savage Opress
sw339 Tokkat
sw161a C3PO
sw273 Luke Tatooine
sw274 Obi-Wan
sw270 Sentry Droid
sw271 Stromtrooper

Lone Ranger
Cavalry commandos (or just the "uniforms", complete minifigs minus the heads and hands if you prefer to change them to yellow skins)


Series 11:
3x Mountaineer
2x Evil Mech
2x Yeti

S2: traffic cop, circus ringmaster, explorer, disco dude (all sealed)
S4: soccer player
S5: boxer
S6: highlander, minotaur, skater, intergalactic girl
S7: galaxy patrol
S8: evil robot
S9: alien avenger


Hoods - reddish brown, black, dark blue, dark red
Young Boba's (2013) torso assembly
Santa suit torso assembly from CMF Santa / advent calendar
Leia torso from Ewok Village
Zombie heads (Zombie driver) x10 at least.
A palantir sphere from Orthanc

I have loads of other new parts (esp minifig parts inc CMF parts) as well, if you are after something specific.
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