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Australian Bargains

EricEric Member Posts: 376
edited July 2011 in Shopping Elsewhere
Hi, I'd thought I'd let my fellow Aussie Fans know of some pretty decent sales going on at Kmart at the moment. Most sort of around the 30% mark, which brings some prices down to match US prices, which is rare. Hopefully, we can see these kind of sales more often. :)

5770 Lighthouse Island = $49
5766 Log Cabin = $29
5529 Basic Bricks = $15

Harry Potter
4866 Knight Bus = $39
4865 Forbidden Forest = $15

Hero Factory
2192 Drill Dozer
2193 Jetbug
2194 Nitroblast = $12ea.

2063 Stormer
2065 Furno
2067 Evo
2068 Nex
2141 Surge
2142 Breez = $8ea

Some pretty impressive deals here. I picked up a Lighthouse and some $15 bricks. :)

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