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Target: Quinjet 6869 and Forest Police Station 50% off

Not sure this will do a lot of good to people on the east coast but on Target's Cartwheel app there are coupons for the aforementioned sets at 50% off. Also, there is a coupon for $5 off $25 toy purchase on the Shopkick app. The Forest Station might be pretty thin inventory wise since it was in the Black Friday ad, but my store had 4 Quinjets. I actually was searching for the $5 target coupon to see if it was active and came across this. Didn't see it on here so I thought I would share. Quinjet was $30. Forest Police Station SHOULD be at $25 with both discounts and the $50 price, but I can't confirm it will work since we didn't have it. I can confirm the Quinjet and will provide receipt if needed. Good Luck! Should be 2 hours left on east coast and 5 on west.


  • scotty12scotty12 United States, IowaMember Posts: 681
    Nice find! My local Target scanned at $69.98 on Saturday.
  • starwarfan77starwarfan77 Member Posts: 341
    thanks @oansun. i appreciate this one. to summarize; i was @ target yesterday and it was @ 69.99 and they refused to price match price of 53 :( i was bummed out. but ... in retrospect i was able to go back and get the same set for
    69.99 50% off cartwheel @34.99-$5 coupon=29.99-5%redcard+tax :P ... all in the end.. boy is going to be happy...
  • oansunoansun Member Posts: 87
    That makes it even better! Awesome, shows them for not pm'ing. Nice on Red Card discount too. Glad I could help with it!
  • yys4uyys4u USA SoCalMember Posts: 1,092
    Darn, I bought #6869 a week or so ago from Walmart at full price and haven't opened it as I was hoping to return it if I found it at a discount somewhere but I missed this one too.
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