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Large Harry potter collection

Ollydc5Ollydc5 Member Posts: 67
Been collecting this theme for a while now but time to move on as have ran out of room to display. All sets are 100% complete plus there is a big bag approx 1.5 kg of spare Harry potter spares and a small box of mini fig accessories and body parts.

Realise this lot could be sold separate but at the moment would be easier in one go.

All minifigs are included and are all present in very good condition, I will also includes a custom built picture frame that has cost about £100 in bricks to build within an existing black frame with glass front. I think there is approx 275-300 bricks within the frame.
Sets include:
4695: mini knight bus (out of polybag)
4701: sorting hat
4702: final challenge
4704: the room of the winged keys
4705: shapes classroom
4706: forbidden corridor
4707: hagrids but
4708: hogwarts express
4709: hogwarts castle
4712: troll on the loose
4714: gringotts bank
4719: quality quidditch supplies
4720: knockturn alley
4721: hogwarts classrooms
4722: griffindor house
4723: diagon alley shops
4726: quidditch practice
4727: Aragog in the dark forest
4728: escape from privot drive
4729: dumbledores office
4730: chamber of secrets
4731: dobbys release
4733: duelling club
4735: slytherin
4736: freeing dobby
4737: quidditch match
4750: Dracos encounter with buckbeak
4751: Harry and the marauders map
4752: professor lupins classroom
4753: Sirius blacks escape
4754: hagrids but
4755: knight bus
4757: hogwarts castle
4758: hogwarts express
4762: rescue from the merpeople
4766: graveyard duel
4767: Harry and the Hungarian horntail
4768: durmstrang ship
4840: the burrow
4841: hogwarts express
4865: forbidden forest
4866: knight bus
5378: hogwarts castle
10132: motorized hogwarts express
30110: Harry's trolley
30111: Harry in the lab
40028: mini hogwarts express (unopened polybag)
Vsdcc1: voldermort never built in comic con packet
Hpsdcc1: Harry potter never built in comic con packet

I also have a lego brick made portrait of Harry potter that was given away by legoland to a competition winner that is also part of the collection.

This is quite a large collection and wish I could sell it as a complete theme but the other sets missing were presents so I'll be hanging on to them. Well over £2k+ still with some quite rare pieces and mini figs, collection would be prefered from Worcestershire UK. Everything is boxed and packed, all instructions are present and there are a few boxes but mostly unboxed, must be near 30kg of lego

I'll try and sort some pictures tonight, any questions please ask

Price £1,750 for the lot collected

Also for sale I have a brand new in box London tower bridge that I've never got around to building. Box has some slight shelf wear. £195.00


  • FollowsCloselyFollowsClosely Member Posts: 1,329
  • monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,411
    If you decide to split I might be interested in a couple of sets but can't take the lot I'm afraid. Best of luck with the sale though.
  • Ollydc5Ollydc5 Member Posts: 67
    Cool, I'm going to stick it all on eBay with no reserve and see what happens. I may end up splitting, if so I'll give you a shout
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