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adventure_al: Looking for input on possible large lot purchase

adventure_aladventure_al Member Posts: 243
edited January 2014 in Buying & Selling Topics
What's the most you've spent on a large lego lot? Was it a good or bad investment?

I ask because I'm in line to spend some serious cash on this lot:

I know this isn't the place for valuations but how much would you pay for a lot of the following?

Any input advice appreciated. I love lego but don't want ripped off.

Lego System Knigts/Castle-
6086 Black Knights Castle
6082 Fire Breathing Fortress
6075 Wolfpack Lair
6048 Majistos Magical Workshop
6059 Knights Stronghold
6057 Sea Serpent
6020 Magic Shop
6038 Wolfpack renegades
6043 Dragon Defender
6076 Dark Dragons Den
6056 Dragon Wagon

Lego System Adventurers/Egypt-
5988 Pharoes Forbideden Ruin
5919 The Valley Of The Kings
5948,5909,2879 Desert Expedition
5938 Oasis Ambush
5918 Scorpion Tracker
5928 Bi-Wing Baron
5978 Sphinx Secret Suprise


  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    There are many variables to think about.

    New? Used? Complete? Condition? From an AFOL or kid's collection? Boxes? Instructions?
  • adventure_aladventure_al Member Posts: 243
    Thanks good point. As stated I know this May not be the place to ask but please ANY opinions welcome as it is a lot of money (for me) and I just don't want ripped off. Having only recently returned to lego any advice appreciated.

    I'm yet to view but most have instructions and are complete or very near. Childhood toys but spent most of their lives in storage so very little or no wear. None have boxes.
  • icey117icey117 Member Posts: 510
    Once in a while I have been lycky enough to get a used "build-once-then-stored-untouch" set from a smoke-free room. Which has been ok!

    But otherwise I personally always have regrettet buying used. The smell, cleaning work, torn instructions etc. have always irritated me.

    There's just nothing like opening a bag of new untouched and undefilef :-) LEGO-bricks.

    (When I as you just got back into the hobby I bought everything I could get my hands on. Today I so much more selective...)
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    I'd also ask how they know they are complete.

    Also check the sets on Bricklink and note down any expensive parts / minifigs. Then check those are present. At least that way if you do have to replace parts, they will not be too expensive.
  • adventure_aladventure_al Member Posts: 243
    Thanks for all the tips guys. Got to say thus far I've been fortunate that the used lots I've got have been good.

    I'm not the collector type. So long as most parts are there I'll use the good pieces for my own builds and might resell the odd parts to reinvest.

    Does anyone want to have a stab at a ballpark figure they might expect to pay? £ 100, 150, 200, 250, other?
  • BastaBasta Member Posts: 1,259
    As stated there really is a lot of variables, past "sold" eBay and Bricklink sales can give you an idea. I assume you are dealing direct with the seller (i.e. not through ebay or bricklink)? You would take 10% to 15% off just for fees. As it is a bulk lot I'd take another 15%+ off. One big question is who is selling, if its a friend then that's what I would offer, If it's a random person, well I would asses the situation and try and get an idea of what they would be happy with.

    Also it does make a difference if it is for resale or personal use.

    My only experience with a bulk lot was 60 sets, of which about 54 were still seald and it included most of the original batman sets and #7191 Star Wars UCS X-Wing Fighter, #10019 Star Wars UCS Rebel Blockade Runner & #10030 Star Wars UCS Imperial Star Destroyer. I paid $4k for the lot and sold all the Batman and Technic sets to recoup my $4000 spend.
  • adventure_aladventure_al Member Posts: 243
    Thanks given we've organised something very soon so I don't mind coming straight out and saying it. (I'd ask a friends opinion but none are lego minded)

    From the pics it looks in great condition.

    Originally they wanted £300 which was just waaay over inflated. We have settled at £190.

    It's in person but is just someone I came across online so a stranger.

    So obviously there is variables. But £190. Good, bad or just about right?
  • adventure_aladventure_al Member Posts: 243
    Going by eBay the black castle and pharaoh ruin would cover most of that cost themselves but does anyone actually pay the big £50+ sums for a used lego set!?
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
    I have not checked out the prices of those sets in a long time so I am not current on today's valuation.

    That said, £190 seems like a very good deal for you provided the sets are in good, complete condition. I ballparked a number very close to £300 before I scrolled down and saw you mentioned it.
  • adventure_aladventure_al Member Posts: 243
    I should probably mention a box of 3-4kg of loose lego is included but what's in there is anyone's guess
  • adventure_aladventure_al Member Posts: 243
    anyone else with ballpark figures or opinions? Rocao your input was most helpful.

    I just want to gauge other lego fans opinions to put my mind at ease. It seems a reasonable deal.
  • StuBoyStuBoy Member Posts: 623
    That is a great collection of Castle sets there, with 6086 being one of the best ever, in my opinion. I think its a pretty good deal, as long as they are complete and in good condition, hopefully with instructions, too.
  • adukaduk Member Posts: 155
    I usually check the sets out on the valuation section of brickpicker before I buy. I fInd the price on there combined with sold sets on ebay is a good ballpark figure that can be adjusted for box condition/instructions . take care with valuations at the moment on ebay because it is the silly Xmas season!!!. based on what you have said it sounds a good deal and if they are for your own collection then a couple of pounds either way isn't too bad.
    good luck and enjoy those old adventurers sets I think they are cool.
  • adventure_aladventure_al Member Posts: 243
    Wow is all I can say!! Money well spent. The adventurers sets are very dusty but near mint! The castle ones all seem complete with the odd bit of slight damage (likely from storage rather than play) they've all been kept in a loft not actually on display which is great as colours are not faded and after a clean will look as new!

    The loose box had a lot of damaged pieces but amongst it was a good lot of classic pirates and a fire station!

    All in very happy. Certainly worth the outlay as I should easily recoup my money should I ever need to.

    Thanks for all the opinions and comments.

    I'm going to build a massive medieval land in my parents loft conversion. It's one large room the length of the house :-)
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