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Marvel Superheroes Game

FoxyA19FoxyA19 Member Posts: 124
I have played the Marvel Superheroes game which I consider to be the best one so far, not to mention the great variety of characters, However why can't lego make some of the characters which are in this game? The juggernaut, Red hulk all of the x-men, the fantastic four, LEGO could really improve their marvel collection with some amazing figures!


  • BeavBeav Member Posts: 303
    The character designs are beautiful. My favourite at the moment being the white Spider-Man costume from when he was part of the FF.

    But they can't make them all simply because they have to make sets, and they use existing films or TV shows to base them around. So a Juggernaut fig would be great, but at the moment they aren't making any X-Men sets to put him in.

    They could basically print money by releasing the figures in a CMF style line, but all the sets they do sell well anyway, so they'll keep doing that and introducing new characters in the sets. Next year were getting about 4 or 5 new Marvel characters I think.
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