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Shouldn't 852922 and 852922 be in Castle/Kingdoms subtheme?

DaniellaDaniella Member Posts: 4
As we own (allmost?) all Castle->Kingdoms subtheme sets, I was checking out the Collection Analysis function and found out that two sets are in an odd place I think.

852922 is a Castle subtheme of it own (Battle Pack - Dragon Knights) while looking at the minifigs they are from the Kingdoms subtheme (that was the reason we bought them and because even the box says so :) , see the alternate images as well)

852921 is in the Castle - Battle Pack subtheme with four other sets which are really different. Also these minifigs are exactly the Kingdoms subtheme and also the alternate image show the box which says Kingdoms.

Shouldn't these two sets not be moved to the (in my opinion) correct subtheme?

Thx (and it make my analysis also looking better ;) )


  • DaniellaDaniella Member Posts: 4
    Offcourse I mean 852922 and 852921
  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,547
    Yes, I think you are right so I've moved them.
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