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[UK/Europe] #30166 Robin and Redbird Cycle at cost

mressinmressin Member Posts: 843
Hi all,

Thanks to @Coloradobricks, I have here 30 x #30166 Robin and Redbird Cycle, exclusively to be distributed to Bricksetters in Europe. I promised that I would get these to as many Bricksetters as possible. Tom4086's original thread had more than 20 responses, so for the time being, I'm just going to assume that there are enough bricksetters that it makes sense to limit it to one poly per person, first come first serve. If after ten days, there are still polys left, two per persons will be considered.

- Each poly is GBP 4.40 (virtually at cost + 10% for envelopes etc.). P&P within the UK would be GBP 0.69 (Royal Mail 2nd class) and GBP 3.00 within the EU. Payment via PayPal. Please note that I'm just one man (with a job and a life), so please allow for some time to respond to messages. It will also take a few days to handle up to 30 shipments.

Hmm, did I forget anything? If you have any questions, please get in touch.


  • mressinmressin Member Posts: 843
    Ok, uhm, *embarassing* I accidentally created two threads about this. Can a mod please close/delete this one?
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