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I am after the following Harry Potter mini-figs to finish the 2 sets I have been putting back together. #4842-1 & #4867-1
The figs don't have to be mint but they must be in good condition, not chewed or scratched to buggery.
I need:-
From #4842-1 Hogwarts Castle
Professor McGonagall #hp093
Hermione #hp095
Professor Flitwick #hp096
Argus Finch #hp097
Professor Snape #hp100

Black Dementor #hp101 (need 3 altogether- 2 for #4842-1 & 1 for #4867-1 )

From #4867-1 Hogwarts
Neville Longbottom #hp129
Professor Sprout #hp131
Gregory Goyle #hp132

I have the following SEALED CMFs for trade, (all have removable stickers on pack to identify contents)

Series 2
Spartan Warrior X1
Series 4
Lawn Gnome X1
Hazmat Guy X1
Artist X1
Series 5
Detective X3
Boxer X1
Egyptian Queen X1
Gangster X1
Snowboarder (Male) X2
Gladiator X1
Royal Guard X1
Cave Woman X1
Lizard Man X1
Zookeeper X3
Small Clown X1
Series 8
Pirate Captain X2
Conquistador X2
Business Man X3
Red Cheerleader X1
Alien Villainess X1
Evil Robot X2
Techno DJ X2
Medusa X3
Skydiver X2
Bumblebee Girl X1
Paintballer X1
Revolutionary Soldier X1
Baseball Fielder X5
Series 11
Barbarian X1
Yeti X1
Holiday Elf X3

The only restriction is the series 2 Spartan, I will only trade him for either Professor McGonagall #hp093 or the 3 Black Dementors #hp101.
The rest of the CMFs I am not to fussed about & I am willing to haggle for a fair & decent trade for the other Harry Potter mini-figs that I need.
The larger the trade with individual people will help to save on postage costs as well.

My credentials:-
I have traded / bought from these Brickset members in the past
@joel4motion @indigobox @sirrich69 @phonebooth @TheOneVeyronian @stevenzhang
I have a Bricklink 100% + feedback of 163 for purchases.
My ebay account has 100% + feedback of 1125, (same "handle" as the one I use on here).
I have posted a picture of the CMFs I have to offer, if anyone has any questions or wishes to trade, UK only to save on postage, please PM me.
I am located in Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK.
BTW I will soon be listing my opened CMFs on the Marketplace as I am no longer collecting CMFs and I am looking to stream line my collection ;-)


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