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FT / FS (UK) Various Items

iso3200iso3200 Member Posts: 2,065
Looking to sell or trade a few items. Thought it worth a go before ebaying.

#6211 SW Star Destroyer
No box, very tatty instructions. 4 minifigs only. Darth Vader (cape slightly frayed), 2 x Imperial Guards, 1 Stormtrooper. Apart from one or two very minor parts (a few pence here and there on Bricklink) the build is all there and has been carefully bagged up. It is in used but clean condition. Worth buying for the parts alone I'd have thought.
Looking for £60 plus postage. However - open to offers. Will consider part cash and part trade. Specifically looking for a Hulk Polybag but will consider other Super Hero Minifigs that I (we) don't have.

#7153 Jango Fett Slave - Used, played with condition (but no bite marks or nasties!)
No box, instructions or minifigs - just the ship. Bricks are all there as far as I know but a few of the bits have become yellowed, so again, a rummage through your parts box or a few pence on bricklink could restore it to its former glory.
£25 cash or trades/part trades - Jor-El polybag and other Super Heroes Minifigs.

Catwoman Minifig from Batman Series 1 complete with bike and whip. Good used condtition.
Looking to trade for a Black Widow and Nick Fury, or just the minifig for Black Widow

Have multiple sealed S11
Tiki Warrior
Sax Players

Looking for Super Heroes

Priority List:-
sh009 Bane (Light Flesh Hands)
sh062 Bane
sh063 Commissioner James Gordon
sh040 Doc Ock
sh057 Dr Harleen Quinzel
sh071 Extremis Soldier
sh080 Faora
sh076 General Zod
sh041 Iron Fist
sh039 Lex Luther (Battle Armor)
sh075 Lois Lane
sh070 The Mandarin (Green Cape)
sh060 The Penguin
sh068 Pepper Potts
sh059 Robin (Black Hood)
sh061 The Joker (Prison Jumpsuit)
sh020 Joker's Henchman
sh008 The Riddler
sh058 Scarecrow
sh069 Tony Stark
sh081 Tor-An
sh055 Venom
sh017 Wolverine

Will consider others not on this list for my kids :-)


  • iso3200iso3200 Member Posts: 2,065
    Star Destroyer is now sold, and a Jor-El poly found. Still looking for a Hulk poly and other Super Heroes though.
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