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[US] Does TRU have this set - 3661 Bank & Money Transfer?

snowconesnowcone Member Posts: 16
edited July 2011 in Collecting
I don't see it in-store or online but I saw at Target. Just wondering whether TRU has ever had it before. I hope to get it at the next sale (I need time to save $. :) )


  • Russell844Russell844 Member Posts: 2,420
    I believe it is exclusive to Target and the LEGO Stores.
  • YellowcastleYellowcastle Administrator, Moderator Posts: 5,234
    ^ Yup
  • snowconesnowcone Member Posts: 16
    That's good to know. How can I find out what sets are exclusive to Target/Walmart/TRU/etc.?
  • bmwlegobmwlego Member Posts: 819
    This is not meant to sound smart alecky but the way you find out is by shopping around or by posting threads like this and checking out LEGO fan sites.
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
    ^^ You could piece the information together with somenweb searches. Or try this bricklist (I haven't thoroughly checked its accuracy, but at quick glance it looks good):
  • Waterjedi17Waterjedi17 Member Posts: 79
    ^as the person who made the brick list, I make sure to see the set in store, so it's pretty accurate. I've heard reports of the naboo fighter at target, anyone know for sure?
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
    ^ yep, I saw it on the shelves today, in fact!
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
    By the way, it's impressive that you found your way in and managed to post immediately after me!
  • Waterjedi17Waterjedi17 Member Posts: 79
    ^thanks for the info. and it is an impressive coincidence that I happen to post after you! I was impressed that people take notice of my bricklist, since I thought it had become forgotten long ago.
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