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Extra floor for 10182.

ecmo47ecmo47 Member Posts: 2,101
I really liked how an extra floor improved the appearence of the Cafe Corner so I built a few more. The floor is built to 100% per the Lego instructions and inventory with the following exception. I have replaced part #2362b (1x2x3, Panel Hollow stud) with #60593 (1x2x3, Window Flat front). This is because 2362b costs about $7-$10 each and you need 20 of them! Window #60593 looks a lot closer to the original parts then Part #87544 (1x2x3 Panel with side rail) which others are using. Also, window #60593 allows you to put glass in the windows so your Corner Cafe will look like the rest of your Modular Mainstreet. With the window change, 8x#3710 (Plate, 1x4 Medium Blue) were substituted for the Medium Blue 1x2 plates that were above the interior of each window. Comes with extra windows (20), 1x4's (8), and a 2x4 Dark red plate to modify your existing 2nd floor so that they match. Set will be shipped constructed. Looking to get $160.00 each and I currently have 2.
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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.