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[US] Wanted LOTR minifigs - lots of polybags up for trade

TheLoneTensorTheLoneTensor Member Posts: 3,937
Wanted, the following LOTR minifigs:

From 79007 (The Black Gate)
Gandalf the White
Mouth of Sauron
Mordor Orc - with Helmet

From 10237 (Tower of Orthanc)
Saruman - Long Robes
Gandalf the Grey - Hair and Cape
Grima Wormtongue

From 79008 (Pirate Ship Ambush)
Pirate of Umbar
Mordor Orc - Bald with Armor
Soldier of the Dead 1
Soldier of the Dead 2
King of the Dead

(The minifigs would be assumed to include any weapons and/or accessories)

Up for grabs (for equivalent value trade)...

30253 Chima Leonidas' Jungle Dragster
30251 Chima Winzar's Pack Patrol
30254 Chima Razcal's Double-Crosser
30014 City Police Helicopter
30220 City Fire Speedboat
30221 City Fire Car
30222 City Police Helicopter
30224 City Ride-On Lawn Mower
30225 City Coast Guard Seaplane
30013 City Police Buggy
30152 City Mining Quad
30017 City Police Boat
30018 City Police Microlight
40078 City Hot Dog Stand
7808 Creator Yellow Airplane
7803 Creator Jeep
40015 Creator Heart Book
40021 Creator Spiders Set
40020 Creator Halloween Set
40030 Creator Duck with Ducklings
40031 Creator Bunny and Chick
40029 Creator Valentine's Day Box
40032 Creator Witch
40049 Creator Sopwith Camel (mini)
40043 Creator Mallard Duck
40052 Creator Springtime Scene
40054 Creator Summer Scene
40056 Creator Thanksgiving Feast
40057 Creator Fall Scene
40079 Creator Mini VW T1 Camper Van
30161 DC Batmobile
30166 DC Robin and Redbird Cycle
41021 Friends Ice Cream Stand
41017 Friends Squirrel's Tree House
41018 Friends Cat's Playground
41019 Friends Turtle's Little Oasis
41021 Friends Poodle's Little Palace
30231 Galaxy Space Insectoid
30230 Galaxy Mini Mech
40028 Harry Potter Mini Hogwarts Express
30111 Harry Potter The Lab
30261 Lone Ranger Tont's Campfire
30210 LOTR Frodo with Cooking Corner
30213 LOTR Gandalf
30212 LOTR Mirkwood Elf Guard
30163 Marvel Thor and the Cosmic Cube
30167 Marvel Iron Man vs. Fighting Drone
30168 Marvel Iron Patriot
30201 Monsters Ghost
40076 Monsters Zombie Car
30200 Monsters Zombie Chauffeur Coffin Car
5000644 Monsters Monster Fighters promotional pack
9556 Ninjago Bytar booster pack
9552 Ninjago Lloyd Garmadon booster pack
30086 Ninjago Hidden Sword
30130 Pirates Mini Black Pearl
20019 Star Wars Slave I
30057 Star Wars Anakin's Pod Racer
30058 Star Wars STAP
30240 Star Wars Z-95 Headhunter
30243 Star Wars Umbaran MHC
30050 Star Wars Republic Attack Shuttle
30056 Star Wars Star Destroyer
8028 Star Wars Mini TIE-Fighter
30053 Star Wars Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser
30241 Star Wars Mandalorian Fighter
30270 TMNT Kraang's Turtle Target Practice


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