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I have the following Galaxy Squad sets for sale and I will give the Brickset community first dibs on them before they go on ebay.

#70700-1 Space Swarmer BNISB
#70702-1 Warp Stinger BNISB
#70703-1 Star Slicer used, 100% complete with box & instructions, stickers applied, built twice once by me & once by the ebay seller who I got it off, comes with 3 extra GS mini-figs
#30230-1 Mini Mech BNISP
#30231-1 Space Insectoid BNISP

Asking £70 including UK P+P, willing to haggle a few quid off but I will not split these up, they go as 1 lot.
Thank you for your time


  • GentlyBenevolentGentlyBenevolent Member Posts: 340
    As per my other marketplace thread I am going to leave these up over the weekend, if there is no interest from the Brickset community by Sunday evening I will list them on ebay on Monday.
    Again many thanks to the members who have viewed this thread for their time.
  • GentlyBenevolentGentlyBenevolent Member Posts: 340
    These are now sold.
    Mods please close
    Thank You
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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.