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[UK] Trade #40082 for #40083

DJ_Pon3DJ_Pon3 Member Posts: 93
I know it's not out yet, but I have a 2nd sealed #40082 looking to trade for a #40083 when that comes out in a week or so.

I'm hoping for a slightly better response to this post since I've got nothing from every other trade/selling post I've made, if anyone has any insight as to why that is I'm all ears.



  • carlqcarlq Member Posts: 792
    Well, I can't speak for anybody else, but having looked at your 2 previous sales posts 1 would have been out of my price range and the other would hold no interest for me. There was interest on your trade post (@andhe), but I'm surprised there wasn't more, as CMFs are the bread-and-butter of the trade threads.

    Concerning the above, I'm already sorted for #40082, I'm afraid. However, I'm sure that once we hit November there'll be interest from those who missed the giveaway, so you might want to bump it on Nov 1st.
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,556
    I don't always bother looking at CMF posts here so much now, as it is simpler to use for purely CMF trades.

    As to #40082 / #40083, I probably wouldn't take up such an offer. Why? For the simple reason that if I wanted both, I'd place an order now to get #40082 and then an order later to get #40083. I wouldn't wait to place two orders in future, then have the costs of sending one to trade for one I could have got with the same order if I placed it now. As noted above, you might have more luck once it is not possible to get #40082 direct from S@H with an order any more, and you find someone that missed it but also placed (or is willing to place) two orders and got (will get) two #40083s.

    Or you might just need to sell it and use the money to purchase what you want from a third person.
  • iso3200iso3200 Member Posts: 2,065
    CCC said:

    Or you might just need to sell it and use the money to purchase what you want from a third person.

    I'd probably agree. There's loads of 40082 on ebay ranging from £12-£15. I'd guess the same will happen with 40083. It's probably easier to sell what you've got and then buy the one you want.

    I myself would have bought it from you had I not already got one from ebay :-)
  • DJ_Pon3DJ_Pon3 Member Posts: 93
    @carlq Yeah I've had one fig trade on here and bought another but that's it so far. And yeah I'll bump this once the set comes out.

    @CCC Unfortunately I've traded figs on Swapfig and SwapMinifiuresSeries to the point where either, people have not used the site for yonks, or the few people I'm able to mutually trade with just refuse any offer made, despite having figs that they want. Normally I would just order something from Lego but there is nothing I want out until the Parisian Restaurant is released.

    @iso3200 I bought two of @40082 from eBay for £22 with the intention of trading one once @40083 comes out. But I'll see if anyone want to trade come November.

    If I can't trade it I'll probably just bung it on my Bricklink store and buy the other one.

  • DJ_Pon3DJ_Pon3 Member Posts: 93
    Just a bump now that set #40083 seems to be bombarding my Bricklink wanted list e-mails on an hourly basis.
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