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Looking for a possible "BIG" trade.....(UK only)

GentlyBenevolentGentlyBenevolent Member Posts: 340
edited October 2013 in Marketplace
If anyone saw my "Brag" thread earlier this year where I managed to get 2 X UCS Super Star Destroyers, (#10221), from Smyth's I wish to propose a big trade with a Uk collector.
The trade is either :-
1 X BNISB UCS SSD #10221 for 1 X BNISB Sydney Opera House #10234


1 X BNISB UCS SSD #10221 + 1 X BNISB Malevolence #9515 for 1 X UCS B-Wing #10227 & 1 X UCS R2-D2 #10225.
The trades can be from your private collection but must be BNISB or you can order them from Lego S&H, have them delivered to me and pocket the double VIP points, (there is still 2 weeks left till the end of the double VIP points promo), I will cover the postage costs for the set ('s) that I have, (insured & tracked), to who ever trades with me.

For such a "big" trade I will provide my credentials:-
I have traded / bought from these Brickset members in the past
@joel4motion @indigobox @sirrich69 @phonebooth @TheOneVeyronian
I have a Bricklink 100% + feedback of 163 for purchases, (I have a shop but have not sold any Lego on Bricklink as it is "closed").
My ebay account has 100% + feedback of 1123, (same "handle" as the one I use on here).
I will post pictures on here of the sets I have to offer, (I will dig out the Malevolence as it is packed away in a cupboard), & if anyone has any questions please PM me.
I am located in Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK


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