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EXPIRED: [US] Amazon: Grand Emporium at $30?

ColoradoBricksColoradoBricks Denver, CO, USAMember Posts: 1,672
edited October 2013 in Shopping USA/Canada


  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Chicagoland USMember Posts: 10,105
    edited October 2013
    It is not Amazon selling it but a third party.
    Guessing it is a listing mistake or a scam.
    It will be interesting to see if Amazon winds up dropping their prices on their inventory.. I'm guessing it will not happen though
  • busumoe1busumoe1 Member Posts: 194
    Well, I got two opposite cases similar to this. Both dealing with Amazon third party sellers.

    First case was a drop shipping scam. While I paid the marketplace merchant (feedback only went back to six months ago), the package was shipped directly from Lego, with a receipt stating that *I* have purchased it directly from [email protected] I told them I don't want it and they dragged their feet about returning the item. I contacted Lego and their investigations verified that it was purchased with a stolen credit card. Lego paid for the postage for the return of the item.

    After I forwarded the email from Lego, the marketplace seller finally gave me the refund. Their excuse was that it was their "supplier" that was responsible, but they would refund since it's not my fault.

    While I should have learned my lesson, the second case was with another retailer who had been selling on Amazon for a long time. Their specialty was with used and imported items. They only listed one item for sale and without thinking, I assumed they were the small-time version of Amazon Warehouse Deals.

    The package arrived quickly. Like AWD, the item arrived with some shelf-wear, but the included receipt is from the retailer. So this impulse buy worked out.

  • BulkheadXBulkheadX Member Posts: 74
    yeah... that sounds familiar only with different results...

    bought a #10214 TB on ebay at a good-ish price last year (didnt notice the 0 f/b until later) and it arrived from TLG with the stupid Chima giveaway (at the time) in the box. was weird so I double checked everything but didn't think to call TLG about it. down the road a couple months I tried to order direct from TLG and it was blocked at first because that TB purchase delivered was with a stolen credit card and I had to go thru proving it was not me who did it. Had TLG, ebay, or the CC company sent me a note saying what happened I would have returned it forthwith but by the time I figured it out, it was 'too late to return it' or something like that lol. so now I have a TB in a box that annoys me once in awhile when I look at it and no way to correct my mistake. freakin scammers :(

    lesson learned though... not buying still-in-production sets like that again... now it is 'double points please' :) lol
  • busumoe1busumoe1 Member Posts: 194
    To be honest, after I've found out that I was a victim of drop shipping scam, it took about a day before I decided to go through the hassle of getting a refund.

    The price was good. Plus I'm an introvert that really don't want to deal with customer service. And a side of me was telling me that the credit card companies will have it all sorted out in the end. But it was being banned from TLG that helped tipped the scale to do something about it.

    All that said, since the marketplace seller was all shifty about giving me a refund, I was all fired up and really got motivated to see this thing through. I called TLG because that was probably the last step before I called the police and file a report.
  • dr_tengdr_teng Member Posts: 101
    I try to stick with only buying deals directly through Amazon (or Amazon fulfilled) because it's so much less hassle that way. Even though I've never had a serious issue getting money back from Amazon third parties. it has been a hassle sometimes.
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