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How do 3 in 1 Super Packs work?

steve57474steve57474 EarthMember Posts: 44

How do you record your sets in the 'My Set' database when they are a 3-in-1 Super Pack?

I purchased 66411, which includes 9488, 9489 and 9495. I key in the details in the ACM but the database does not register I own the individual sets or the minifigs. How do you record this info?

I figure if I record the individual boxes my buy prices will be out, if I register both 3-in-1 and individual boxes (with zero buy price) then my total sets count is out. I also notice that Brickpicker (which imports from BrickSet) does not particularly like the 3-in-1 code.

Please ask if I haven't explained myself clearly, I know it's a kind of weird situation but many people must have come across it before. How did you get around this?


  • Bosstone100Bosstone100 USAMember Posts: 1,431
    For a situation like that, I'd enter that I owned the three individual sets but that's just me.
  • vitreolumvitreolum RomaniaMember Posts: 1,406
    If you want to keep both set count/prices accurate, you can divide the price for 3in1 to three and price the individual sets at that amount. That should keep both parts accurate.
  • chromedigichromedigi Member Posts: 344
    To be the most accurate, obtain pricing data for the three sets, and use it to compute weighting factors: set1/(set1+set2+set3) etc., then multiply those by your buy price, to pro-rate how much each set cost you.
  • steve57474steve57474 EarthMember Posts: 44
    That's an idea. I'll mull it over for a bit.

    Thanks for the tip.
  • chromedigichromedigi Member Posts: 344
    You could use MSRPs to calculate the weights.
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