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Help in beijing

I am having a little trouble finding the lego stores listed in a google search for Beijing, I think they are closed, but I am not sure and I cannot read/speak Chinese. Anyone have any information.
Thank you,


  • graphitegraphite USMember Posts: 3,241
    ^ those are Bricklink Stores. Think they are looking for physical store locations in Beijing.
  • Kene1023Kene1023 Member Posts: 14
    Well, after doing a little more research, and an e-mail to Lego.
    The Lego store is in another store called Kidsland in the China World Mall,
    They had a limited selection, but did have some of the largest sets, Tower Bridge, City Hall , Sopworth Camel, VW Van. No Pick a Brick, or anything like in the United States, just a Small toy store, thar has selection of European toys. I found a few tractors, by a company called Siku, my boys will love them. I found about Bruder last year, very nice trucks.
    Anyway, this is drifting away from Lego, so back to it. Same stuff as the USA, just more expensive, and with two Chinese warnings/advisory stickers.
  • legogallegogal USMember Posts: 755
    @Kene1023, This is just a wild idea, but sometimes folks on this forum travel to Beijing. And sometimes they have space in their suitcases for things they are bringing back in the other direction.

    So you might want to post which sets you are looking for and how much you are willing to pay for them, and maybe they could deliver a set or two to you. Usually it will be without the box, which takes up too much room.

    My son and his wife headed your way last week, but their bags were bulging with gifts for her family. Others do travel to BEI and may have room. Hope this works for you!
  • Kene1023Kene1023 Member Posts: 14
    A good idea, however I will be returning home to Florida soon and have nice Shop at home order there waiting for me, it my wife can keep the kids out of it.
    Thanks everyone,
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