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Polys for trade / sale (NL)

CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,556
I have a lot of polys for trade / sale. I am UK based but will be in The Netherlands on 13/14 October. If anyone is near Schipol or Leiden train station on the evening of 13th or 14th October, then I could do a hand over so no postage costs.

Could you PM by 7th October if interested.

There are small multiples of most. If you are interested in any, let me know and I will check whether I still have spares, and how many.

#8028 mini tie fighter
#30010 fire chief
#30014 police helicopter
#30161 batmobile
#30087 ninjago car
#30150 racing car
#30056 star destroyer
#30018 police microlight
#30086 ninjago hidden sword
#30163 thor
#30165 hawkeye
#30162 quinjet
#30017 police boat
#30200 zombie coffin car
#30152 mining quad
#30085 ninjago jumping snakes
#30210 frodo
#30211 uruk-hai with ballista
#30213 gandalf
#30260 lone ranger
#30105 mailbox
#30222 police helicopter
#30108 summer picnic
#30251 winzar

As well as these polys, I have lots of minifigs for trade or sale that could be dropped off with no postage costs at either Schipol or Leiden train station, please see my other threads for these.


  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,556
    For non-licensed polys I am looking at probably a CMF or minifig from my wants list, with multiple polys for more expensive minifigs. A little more for licensed polys, but it depends on the size of the trade.

    Wants list cut and paste from another of my threads, star means priority...

    LOTR / Hobbit
    lor031 Gollum - Narrow Eyes (low priority)
    lor071 King of the Dead *
    lor053 Mirkwood Elf Guard *
    lor011 Moria Orc
    lor023 Mordor Orc
    lor067 Pirate of Umbar
    lor009 Rohan Soldier
    lor004 Samwise Gamgee
    lor069 Soldiers of the Dead *
    lor070 Soldiers of the Dead *

    sh050 Aquaman
    sh009 Bane
    sh062 Bane
    sh064 Batman, Dark Bluish Gray Suit with Copper Belt *
    sh053 Beetle
    sh063 Commissioner James Gordon *
    sh040 Doc Ock *
    sh052 Dr Doom
    sh057 Dr Harleen Quinzel
    sh076 General Zod
    sh024 Harley Quinn *
    sh041 Iron Fist
    sh036 Iron Man (circle on chest) *
    sh065 Iron Man Mark 42 (fleshie head) *
    sh054 J. Jonah Jameson
    sh061 Joker Jumpsuit *
    sh075 Lois Lane
    sh049 Mr Freeze *
    sh051 Nova
    sh060 Penguin
    sh068 Pepper Potts
    sh058 Scarecrow *
    sh077 Superman – Dark Blue Suit
    sh020 Joker's Henchman
    sh069 Tony Stark (or just his head) *
    sh081 Tor-An

    Rancor – complete
    Han in Carbonite moulded piece 87561pb01 *
    sw404 Bib Fortuna - Bared Teeth
    sw280 Bossk
    sw407 Boushh
    sw250/250a Crix Madine
    Darth Vader – will consider any versions
    sw508 Ewok Warrior *
    sw405 Gamorrean Guard *
    sw466 Han – Hoth *
    sw403/278/084 Han Solo, Reddish Brown Legs without Holster Pattern (white shirt)
    sw376 Imperial Officer (or sw114,sw154,sw293)
    sw294 Imperial Pilot
    sw208 Imperial Trooper
    sw402 Jabba The Hutt - Tan Face *
    sw141 Jawa
    sw372 Jek Porkins
    sw251 Lando Calrissian (General Outfit)
    sw509 Luke Skywalker *
    sw342 Luke Skywalker (Bacta Tank Outfit)
    sw098 Luke – Hoth
    sw292 Luke – Jedi Knight *
    sw461 Luke – Pilot
    sw434 Malakili
    sw486 Max Reebo
    sw248 Mon Calamari Officer
    sw249 Mon Mothma
    sw406 Oola
    sw485 Leia – Slave
    sw504 Leia – EV *
    sw371 Leia - 9495
    sw235 Leia Endor
    sw346 Leia Hoth
    sw212 Protocol Droid *
    sw344 R-3PO
    sw370 R5-F7
    sw399 Rebel Pilot X-wing
    sw369 Dutch Vander
    sw483 Ree-Yees
    sw040 / sw040a Royal Guards (x2)
    sw408 Salacious B Crumb
    sw505 Scout Trooper
    sw463 Snowtrooper
    sw097 Chrome Stormtrooper
    sw510 Teebo *
    sw487 Weequay
    sw513 Wicket with tan face

    S2 Spartan *
    S3: Elf
    S4: Viking
    S5: Evil dwarf
    S6: Roman (or just the shields and / or helmets) *
    S10: Roman (low priority)
    S11: Barbarian (x2), Gingerbread man (x2), Tiki Island Warrior (x3), Grandma (x2), Pretzel girl (x1)

    atl015 Barracuda
    atl017 Hammerhead
    atl019 Lobster
    atl003 Manta
    atl013 Emperor
    atl004 Shark
    atl007 Squid

    Indiana Jones
    iaj029 Airplane Mechanic (or just torso)
    iaj030 Henry Jones Snr
    iaj001 / iaj044 Indiana Jones

    Monster Fighters
    mof009 Bat
    mof020 Butler
    mof010 Zombie Bride
    mof011 Zombie Groom
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,556
    I've got one largish trade arranged, and as I will only have hand luggage I have probably room for just another 8-10 polys. So if you want any, be quick.
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,556
    I also have some Stig keychains left too, which don't take up too much room.
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,556
    I've room for one more batch of 4-5 polys, then that will have to be it.
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,556
    Last chance, please let me know by 2pm (EU time) today.
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