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FS / FT (UK): 10210 - IF / 9465 - Zombies / 10222 - WV Post Office / 10216 - WV Bakery


I have the following available for sale or trade:

9465 - Zombies - £65
10210 - Imperial Flagship - £255
10216 - WV Bakery - £67
10222 - WV Post Office - £70

All are NISB and I have some quantity of each.

For trade I am interested in current exclusives such as 10235, 10236 and 10237.

For bulk deals I am happy to offer a decent discount.


  • Hey,

    Quick update - sold most of the stuff.

    Trying to clear out my WV P/O stock:

    Offering 12 x 10222 for £650 (£54 ea)

    This includes either 2nd class registered postage or delivery to door within a 3 hour driving radius of Manchester :)

    Let me know if there is any interest...
  • TheCableGuyTheCableGuy Member Posts: 115
  • SuperTrampSuperTramp City 17Member Posts: 1,021
    Have these sold?
  • TheCableGuyTheCableGuy Member Posts: 115
    We have agreed a deal, yes.
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