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[US] Polys in the wild...



  • KeilupKeilup Frisco, TXMember Posts: 167
    jhuntin1 said:
    I found the (for me) long awaited #30623 Shazam available in a DVD or Blu-Ray package with "LEGO Shazam! Magic and Monsters". I bought my copy today at Walmart, so I don't know if it's available elsewhere or how long it's been out.

    Cool!  Looks like some stores in my area have it in stock.  And the blu-ray/dvd/digital is on sale.  Might have to swing by and pick one up.  Thanks!
  • NicksBricksNicksBricks United StatesMember Posts: 225
    Found the Super Mario Super Mushroom Surprise #30385 at the Target in Frisco, TX. Lots of them located in the LEGO aisle next to the Super Hero LEGO sets. DPCI 204007811 @ $4.99 a piece. 
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