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[US] TRU 10% Off City and Star Wars

TheLoneTensorTheLoneTensor Member Posts: 3,937
edited September 2013 in Shopping USA/Canada
Ok, well, they are having the sale, 10% off this week.

Please contain your excitement.


  • Chang405Chang405 Member Posts: 88
    After the 10% off, prices are still 10% above MSRP. ;)
  • sidersddsidersdd Member Posts: 2,432
    The only worthwhile TRU sale may be this next weekend. I believe it's the goofy giraffe's birthday. TRU usually has Buy 2 Get 1 Free on LEGO during the event. It will be interesting to see if they continue the trend (and what exclusions apply).
  • coolpixcoolpix Member Posts: 357
    Good info @sidersdd, I will keep an eye open for that B2G1 sale, because there are always deals to be had here and there, even if it's TRU.
  • pumbaughpumbaugh Member Posts: 23
    From what I hear the 9/22 sale will be a bogo 50% off excluding mindstorms.
    There should also be a coupon 9/22-9/28 for 10$gc with 40$ purchase. I also believe there will be a coupon for 20% off REGULAR priced items 9/19-9/21.
  • jasorjasor Member Posts: 839
    ^BOGO50% with exclusions, I'm sure.
  • BlueMoonUSABlueMoonUSA Member Posts: 116
    And ergo excluding anything that ends with ego.
  • jasorjasor Member Posts: 839
    ergo nego bogo eggo Lego.
  • BlueMoonUSABlueMoonUSA Member Posts: 116
  • BrickDancerBrickDancer Member Posts: 3,639
    "Ergo, some of my answers you will understand and some of them you will not."
  • chromedigichromedigi Member Posts: 344
    Took a look today. There was only one deal to be had in all of it: the 60018 Cement Mixer, for about $15. Applied a couple of $5 off coupons and scored two for around $10 each, pre-tax. Not too bad, and at TRU, no less. Almost reminds me of the good old days when there were BOGOs you could even use on Technic, and life was good. *Sigh*
  • flyernutflyernut Member Posts: 12
    Was at my Lego store yesterday, they didn't have the batman two-face set my son wanted so we went to TRU after noting it was in stock there. Their website priced the set at $46, shelf sticker was $64. Another thing to look out for if you buy at TRU I suppose.
  • RennyRenny Member Posts: 1,145
    There's a joke somewhere in there about you looking for a two face set and the prices being inverted at both places...I'm just not smart enough to come up with one :)
  • NellyNelly Member Posts: 77
    I asked a store associate about price matching, and she confirmed TRU does price match. She confused me by saying that if it is an online ad (aka Amazon) they must factor shipping into the price match. I asked if that applies even though the item is sitting on your shelves and she said yes. Can anyone confirm this policy or how they factor in shipping?

    Just when you think TRU is getting with it....
  • chromedigichromedigi Member Posts: 344
    Maybe she meant they match the price it would have cost you to buy from Amazon (say), after shipping? I can see that as being a sensible policy, because it reflects your actual purchase price if you buy from the online vendor.
  • PoochyPoochy Member Posts: 479
    ^ & ^^ Always been the case as far as I know. Most of the sets from Amazon I've asked for PM at TRU have been > $25, so shipping was not really a factor so far.
  • NellyNelly Member Posts: 77
    Well if you PM at TRU with Amazon prices, then get get charged a 'shipping surcharge' at the register, followed by sales tax, it might be best to just stick with Amazon after all, or it would be near a wash in the end.
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