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Kickstarter project: iPhone Controllable, Arduino Programmable Bricks

SchwallexSchwallex Member Posts: 121
edited September 2013 in Community and Events
Just ran into this.

  • BRYXlite — a RGB USB status light — ATTINY85 with RGB LED. The 'standalone' BRYX: plug this into your computer's USB port and have it strobe when you receive an email. Plug it into a 5V USB wall wart charger and use it as a night light. You can program it, so you can decide!
  • mcuBRYX — ATMEGA328 microcontroller (the 'brains') with RGB LED
  • BRYXel — Programmable RGB LED
  • usbBRYX — Allows a computer with Arduino IDE to program the MCU BRYX, also currently used to supply power to BRYX.
  • bt40BRYX — Allows a Bluetooth Smart enabled device (iPhone, some Android phones, plus iPad and some Android tablets) to communicate AND SOON PROGRAM the AVR via Bluetooth 4.0 (aka Bluetooth Smart)

Coming soon:
  • BRYXsound — Like a speaker for your BRYX creations. Check back soon for sound-specific apps (like a keyboard for you phone, where the notes play on your BRYX).
  • BRYXmotor — Build a Lego car and, in conjunction with an iBRYX package, drive it around with your phone as the remote.
  • BRYXservo — Make robots out of your existing Lego sets.
  • BRYXors — Simple BRYX sensors like distance (proximity), acceleration, temperature, sound, etc.
  • BRYXBatt — Currently, all BRYX are powered over USB; our plan is to develop a battery that will look and connect like a standard BRYX block.
I barely understand half of that mumbo-jumbo (and don't own an iPhone, an Android phone, or a tablet), but perhaps other Bricksetters are interested.

Direct links to the two videos:

Currently $3,838 pledged of $100k goal, with 26 out of 30 days to go.
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