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[AUS] David Jones Online Sale

BastaBasta Australia Member Posts: 1,259
DJ's has 20% of Lego, with some sets including all Lone Ranger & Galaxy Squad an extra 20% off.

I found 3 Promo codes

"Spring20" $20 off
"Welcome"$10 off
"Treatme5" $5 off

These stack (which is awsome) so you can get $35 off on top of the 20%.

The sets that are an extra 20% don't stack all promo codes so you just have to try out different combos to get the best deal.

Sweet spot is $115 worth of 20% off prices in your cart, so Constitution Train chase or LOTR Pirate ship plus a series 9 minifigure will only cost $80.98

Other good combo is Museum Heist, the creator tree house and a minifigure for $80.97.

Town hall is $205. (Sold out online)
Pet Shop is $172. (Sold out online)
If you can find one of the above instore you can do "click and collect" (store pickup). I couldn't find a NSW store with stock but didn't try other states.

If you'd spend $55 I think you can use "Welcome"$10 off & "Treatme5" $5 off
For $15 off.

Free shipping on orders over $50 too.

Enjoy :)


  • hewmanhewman Member Posts: 90
    Brilliant, thanks Basta. I got a bunch of city and creator sets at about 40% off RRP.
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