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FS/FT (U.S.) A few NISB sets for sale and CMFs for trade

TheMurmurTheMurmur Member Posts: 90
edited September 2013 in Marketplace
Hey there, didn't feel like making more than one thread, so here's what I have available. I have a price in mind, but feel free to make an offer on any and all sets. I'm in the US, and have done a fair amount of trading on the Brickset, though this is my first time selling.

For sale

2x 70006 Cragger's Command Ship NISB

1 79001 Escape from Mirkwood Spiders NISB
1 79002 Attack of the Wargs NISB

I also am looking to complete my minifig collection, only missing 1.

I have

Series 1
Tribal Hunter (missing original feathers, which I have replaced with all grey feathers)

Series 2
2x Spartan-complete (want to trade 1 for Series 1 Nurse first, then I will trade the other)

Series 7

Series 10
Can get most if not all in stores near me,
currently have baseball fielder

Series 11
Can get most if not all in stores near me
currently have pretzel girl

I need

Series 1
Nurse (Need to complete my collection)

and am also interested in

Series 3

Series 6

Series 8
Red Cheerleader x2

Toy Soldier from Book


  • TheMurmurTheMurmur Member Posts: 90
    The Tribal Hunter is gone and I no longer need the Red Cheerleaders. I'm willing to go below RRP on the sealed sets as well, and can provide pictures on request.
  • TheMurmurTheMurmur Member Posts: 90
    A bump, I'm really looking for that series 1 nurse, last one I need to finish off my collection.

    As for the MISB sets
    Craggers command ship 60+ shipping for 1, both for 120 and free shipping

    Attack of the wargs 30 plus shipping
    Mirkwood spiders 20 plus shipping

    All 4 sets for 150 and free shipping
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